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New Product - Hand Towels

White Hand Towels C-Fold

More great news from International Tissue.

We listened to you, our customers, and you wanted Hand towels, so we have invested heavily in a variety of hand towels, showing our commitment to our customers and our ever-growing business, these are now available to order. 

We now stock

  • Z-Fold 2ply White,
  • White Interfold 2ply,
  • Blue Interfold 1ply,
  • Green Interfold 1ply
  • C-Fold White 2 Ply
  • C-Fold Green 1ply
  • C-Fold Blue 1ply

But we are not stopping there, coming soon are rolled towel, we will shortly be producing rolled towel in a 1 ply paper, we’ll soon be letting you know all the details, just another way of us supporting our customers.

International Tissue is listening to their customer's requirement, and are working hard, toward the one-stop-shop they require.