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It's time to start thinking 'Inside the Box'

International Tissue would like to introduce you to EcoBox, our environmentally friendly product. We are launching a number of new products in boxed form, No plastic is used and the products are fully recyclable.

The Ethos

To produce an environmentally friendly product, that is as closely priced match to the standard product, without the use of plastic.

How We Do This

  • No plastic used in the product
  • Recycled cardboard used in the box
  • Larger roll size to reduce transport
  • Kraft tape for sealing
  • Unprinted box to reduce box pollution

We know that the Market is moving towards a fully recyclable product, and we want to be the leaders on this.

We Will Be Producing

24 x 350 sheet double quilted 104mm cut

48 x 350 Sheet double quilted 104mm cut

24 x 280 Sheet Triple quilted 104mm cut

48 x 280 Sheet Triple quilted 104mm cut

Bamboo Canes

Why We Don't Do Bamboo!

Quite simply, it’s down to cost, and carbon footprint, can you transport a paper 6500 miles and still call it environmentally friendly, then charge a customer twice the cost of standard paper, but EcoBox is about the plastic, and the reduction in the usage.

Have you got a product that you would like to see in a box, and Fully recyclable, let us know.

For further enquires, prices and pallet quantities,  contact us at International Tissue.

We look forward to hearing from you.